Book Review: The Brotherhood of Merlin – Book #1

brotherhood-of-merlinFans of Game of Thrones, Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, or Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves  will like this book by Rory D. Nelson. It is a story that centers around the great Merlin, a blind knight who is capable of unthinkable feats. While being human, he also has a mythical aura that gives him soothsayer-like abilities and the opportunity to look into the minds of his comrades and enemies.

Merlin is the ultimate leader to a small, but elite group that are duty bound to protect the lives of the innocent. Their loyalty to a cause that will most likely kill them in battle is compelling. The Brotherhood of Merlin: Book #1 follows these warriors as they start a war that has them out numbered 3000 to 8 against an evil king named Jason.

By the quarter length mark of the book readers will detest Jason, as much as the brotherhood. He is sinister, brutal, and egotistical to an absolute extreme. The author makes him very easy to despise, as Jason never shows any mercy and is capable of terrible acts against innocents, including young women and children.

Sensitive readers will want to avoid this book, as it is very violent and the vast majority of chapters involve fight sequences and bloody deaths. There are also two pretty graphic rape scenes. Despite the somewhat brutal nature of this story, it is still an intriguing read that packs some good adrenaline within the pages. This novel fits into the category of Medieval Fantasy, with more of an emphasis on Medieval fiction.

While the knights of the brotherhood are all strong soldiers, it is their connections with wolf companions that make the battlefield attacks very interesting. The wolves serve their masters well during fights, and the author does not shy away from writing some pretty raw and bloody scenes involving the wolves being let loose to lead an assault on the enemy.

The war strategies and expertise of the brotherhood are the best parts of the story’s plot. Merlin is a genius as a leader, planner, and executioner. The side characters are also interesting, but get somewhat lost in the epic battle scenes that are constant throughout the thirty-seven chapters.

knight-1033894_960_720This book is the first installment in what is set to be a series. The story wraps up well in Book #1, but also hints at additional plot lines to come in the future.

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