Shifting in The Realms by Theresa Snyder

Shifting in the Realms by Theresa Snyder is a fun and quick read for fans of fantasy fiction and the always popular vampire story line. The plot begins with the main character, Cody, seeking dating advice from Remy, a vampire and guard for the entrance to “The Realms”. Cody is living the life of the dead in a parallel dimension, known as The Realms. He has the ability to shape shift into a magnificent wolf. However, his human form is destined to always be trapped in puberty as a messy-haired, too tall, sixteen-year-old.

the-realmsThe date Cody must go on is a double date with his friend, Pete. It is on this date that he meets the beautiful Simone, who lives in a pretty house within The Realms. Pete is awkward on his date in human form, but ends up saving Simone from an evil vampire later that night while in his wolf form. She does not realize they are the same person, and invites him into her home. Simone also lets him in on a secret, that involves her mother living in the lower level of the house completely surrounded by metal.

The setting of this novella is the best part of the book. The Realms is a gateway between the Minnesota Twin Cities, of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Cody does not know how he was able to enter The Realms, but due to his extreme entrance into the afterlife, he figures he must belong there. Life in The Realms is strange, as there are humans and vampires existing in the same place. Darkness also occurs for longer periods of time in this place, which makes the vampires very dangerous.

Cody works on a gardening crew at one of the head vampire’s homes. All of the workers are constantly on high alert so they do not become vicitims of the vampires. Cody’s best friend Pete meets a horrible fate when the crew is wrapping up their short work day, and it is up to Cody to make things right and save his friend from a life of forced servitude.

Shifting in the Realms is a good, spooky read, especially with Halloween right around the corner. It is also a part of the Twin City Series. If a person likes the Twilight books or House of Night Series, they will probably enjoy this read by Theresa Snyder.

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