Kelly and Tessa’s Black Friday Picks

It’s shopping season, and we have compiled a list for your Black Friday adventures. Check out our picks for 2016.

Black Friday Shopping List from Kelly

1-Shopkins, Twozies, and Mini Mixes.

shopkinsIf you have a daughter then you have probably been introduced to the world of Shopkins. These little toys are so popular, and my girls never get sick of playing with them. They are just teeny tiny figurines made of plastic that kids enjoy comparing, trading, and use for make believe. Shopkins have been a godsend when we have to go somewhere and wait (doctor’s office, post office, lunch date, meeting, etc.). One time, my 5-year-old and 8-year-old sat at an adjacent table with their friends (ages four and six) and did not disturb us once during dinner, because they were enjoying their Shopkins while my friends and I enjoyed our meal and appetizers. If you already have a zillion Shopkins, then I suggest going for their spin-off toys: Twozies and Mini Mixes. The Twozies are cute little babies with a pet, and Mini Mixes are tiny figures that can have interchanging accessories. Click on any of the highlighted product links above for more information and to make a quick purchase.

2-NewLife by GelPro Pebble Comfort Floor Mat

gel-pro-floor-matThis may sound boring, but if you know someone who does a lot of baking, canning, beer brewing, or just standing in general, then go buy this mat. My husband and I got it for my mom last year and she loves it. It gives a lot of great support to your legs and is a lifesaver for people with back pain issues. Standing on a hard surface for extended periods of time can be tiresome. This is great if you have Christmas cookie making plans in your future, so click on the provided link to learn more about this gift idea.

3-Bose® SoundSport® Wireless Headphones

ear-plugsI have been seeing more and more of these on people lately. They are great for those that exercise frequently, and they are also convenient to wear when you are cleaning the house or relaxing. These wireless headphones have no cords or base attachments, so you can walk around freely with no restraints. I know people who use these to listen to audio books, pod casts, talk radio, and music. There are many different brands out there, so click on the provided product link to get more details.

4-Disney’s Prep & Landing Cartoons

prep-and-landingI love this computer animated Christmas special. There are currently three cartoons and all are hilarious and smart. The stories center around Santa’s elves and their “mission impossible” type tasks that take place on Christmas Eve. Little kids, big kids, and adults will love this show and really get into the holiday spirit by watching it, so click on our provided links and buy it now! If you are the type of person who does a Christmas Eve gift box filled with holiday movies, pajamas, and hot cocoa mix then I suggest picking up Prep & Landing. It will be a great tradition to start watching these cartoons, as Disney is already working on a fourth installment.

5-Hot Wheels, Track Builder, Straight Track Includes 15 Feet of Track and a Bonus Car

hot-wheels-trackI was introduced to this wonderful toy just this past week by some neighbor kids. It is a flexible race track that you can easily move around the house or even outdoors. Our neighbors brought it over and laid it out on the driveway and we had over a dozen kids, ranging from 3-years to 12-years, playing with it. It is a simple straight track that can be put on stairs or a steep incline to make for great racing fun. I am getting this for my son this year (shhh…please don’t tell him), but I know he will have to wrestle control of it away from his sisters. I am also in love with the low price and the fact that this race track does not have to occupy a massive amount of floor space on a permanent basis. Buy it now by clicking here!


Black Friday Must Haves by Tessa

  1. Super Hero Dress Up Costumes

blackcapesDressing up and playing make believe is so much fun, so one of our favorite picks for our kids are these super hero masks and capes. Not only do they come with four different options, but if you play your cards right, you could probably make these your Halloween costumes as well. I love the way they fit over any clothing, and the masks don’t cover their faces. In addition, it’s about to get pretty cold in the Midwest, so these items make indoor play perfectly fun. There are four found here, so that kids have a variety of choices for a low price.

  1. Our Generation Brand Babies, Toys, and Clothes

blackourWe love Target for many reasons, but the fact that they sell Our Generation babies, toys, and clothes is one of them. One of my co-workers alerted me to the wonderful truth that this brand’s baby clothes fit American Girl Dolls for a fraction of the price. Our Generation toys and clothes are just as perfect as the American Girl brand, and they are right down the street at a local Target or you can click here to purchase now.

  1. Frosty the Snowman PJs and Isotoner Slippers

I think my mom and grandma started the tradition of buying the most comfortable, snuggly clothes at Christmas. These are items I never buy for myself, but I find I love the pajamas and robes that I’ve received. I started buying my kids and husband these types of things for Christmas, and they love receiving them. They are the best for snowy nights and weekend mornings. blackfrostypjMy husband’s favorite year was when I purchased him Isotoner slippers. As far as pajamas go, we love the button down coat/pajama sets for our kids. Click here to see some cute Frosty the Snowman pjs.

  1. Star Wars Lego Sets and Frozen Lego Sets

Lego sets are one of the greatest things to happen to our family. Every single child flips for these. They are pretty pricey normally, but Black Friday has been a historically good time to purchase these sets. blacklegostarwarsAgain, they work well for indoor play during the winter, but they can be transported outside if the day is nice. Lego sets also transcend age. My 11 year old enjoys them, but my five year old daughter almost loves them more. blacklegoI watch my kids construct these awesome projects, and I see how detail-orientated they have to be. I watch their strategies as they build the Lego Star Wars Genosis or the Arrendale Castle from Frozen, and I watch them follow-through with a project that took some effort and perseverance. All of those skills are necessary in life, and I think they get a little bit of all of that while playing

  1. Red Bow Tie or Boots and Barkley Rope Toy

Let’s not forget about our pets. blackbowtieNothing gets my German short-hair more confident than a bandanna or a new collar. Also, a special raw hide or a new squeaky toy can make your four pawed friend just as happy on Christmas day. Target has sales for our fluffy friends and so does Amazon on Black Friday. blackropeMy puppy will be scoring the Boots and Barkley Rope toy. It’s the only one we’ve found that she doesn’t destroy in seconds.


What’s on your list for Black Friday? Let us know by commenting on our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram page. Thank you for reading. Happy Holidays

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