To the Drunk Driver Who Killed My Sister-in-Law by Kelly

My family lost my sister-in-law, Ashley, almost exactly one year ago to a drunk driver. It was a heartbreaking experience, however the kindness and generosity of friends and extended family have helped us all tremendously. Thanks to my brother-in-law for letting me tell this story of grief. We all miss Ashley very much and work hard to remember and celebrate the good times we had with her.

ash-photoI wrote this piece not long after Ashley died, but it took me awhile to want to submit it for publication. There is definitely a lot of raw anger and harshness in the essay, as losing Ashley happened fast and left us all in shock. It is my hope that people will read it and hug their loved ones close, while also remembering and preaching how wrong and irresponsible it is to drink and drive.

We live in an era of cell phones, Uber, and taxis. Instant communication means there is always someone to call when you are drunk or buzzed, so stay out of the driver’s seat if you are inebriated. If you see a friend or family member that has had too much to drink, keep them safe and let them stay at your place.

Please also start teaching your kids that it is never okay to drink and drive.

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One thought on “To the Drunk Driver Who Killed My Sister-in-Law by Kelly

  • November 25, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    Wow – what a raw and personal message that is so appropriate during the holiday season when many choose to enjoy gatherings with alcohol. Bless you Kelly for sharing your grief and hopefully causing many to remember – it’s never okay to drink and drive!


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