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We are all knee deep in the crunch that is holiday shopping. Parents continue to keep their fingers crossed so their children will not change any wish list items because the Santa letter has already been signed, sealed, and delivered. Here are a few unique suggestions for gift ideas that I have done in the past, or that have been done by people I know. All were big hits.

Photo Calendars

calendar-999172_960_720I probably do not have to describe this one at all, but speaking from experience I absolutely love photo calendars of friends and family with important dates already marked for me. This type of gift is so thoughtful and most people need it. Cell phones, Facebook, and all other paperless devices can only track so many anniversaries and birthdays. It is nice to have a family designated calendar that serves as a gentle reminder regarding happy occasions that occur within the family. Shutterfly, Target Photo, Walmart, Snapfish, and many others have great programs that are user friendly and typically offer free shipping.

This gift gives a person the excuse to make some hard copies of priceless photos, and it is also good for every single member within one’s extended family. Click here to find out more information regarding downloading photos and getting started on this type of project through Target.

Pizza Box of Money

money-gift-idea-pizza-box-and-doughMy good friend told me about this gift, and it sounds adorable. It is also a great idea if you are a money gift giver. All you need is an empty pizza box, then you can fan out cash in a big circle to look like a round pizza. I saw pictures where people added coins to symbolize pepperoni and veggie toppings. A cute saying on the inside of the pizza box can read, “One can not live on pizza alone, you also need a little dough” or “The best part of pizza is the dough!”

Sporty Scarves

Please tell me scarves are still trendy, because I think they make great accessories and I am finally learning how to tieiowa-scarf them in a somewhat fashionable manner. Scarves are also a great gift for women of all ages. You don’t ever have to worry if they are too big or too small, so basically they are the next best thing to diamonds.

husker-scarfA great gift that I have given to some friends in the past, include a sports affiliated scarf. These are neat for the uber fans, as well as the casual sporting event watcher because they add some school colors without needing to put on a hoody sweatshirt or over sized t-shirt with a mascot on the front. Ladies can still wear their cute leggings and high boots to the football game or soccer match because the scarf adds all of the sporting spirit they need. Click the following links to check out some Big 10 scarf options for the Husker or Hawkeye lover in your household. NFL and multiple NCAA options can be found at Target or online.

Non-traditional Gift Cards

If you are a gift card groupie, then holiday shopping is typically pretty easy. However, if you are wanting to step up the gift card game a bit consider making a purchase to a place that is not a restaurant or store.

Netflix offers gift card options that are easy and allows the recipient to simply enter in a code to their account and funds are directly applied. A person can receive a month or a year of Netflix courtesy of someone they love. Omaha Steaks (for those who don’t get blessed with Midwest beef), pre-paid gas cards (great for travelers), and gift cards to small non-chain, businesses are wonderful presents.

Electronic Books

ereaderMore and more people are going paperless while they read. This is a hard transition for me, but I have been known to make the switch and use an e-reader when necessary. The Amazon Kindle app is free and easy to use from a person’s phone, tablet, or actual Kindle. Amazon also gives the option of sending down-loadable books via email. I was a little mind blown by this and also ecstatic because I have some friends that only read via their Kindle. If you are shopping for a high tech book worm consider these great reads: Truly Madly Guilty by Lianne Moriarty or The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman

Thank you for reading and please leave a comment if you have a unique gift idea to share!

Happy Holidays from Family Footnote!

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