Rethink Happy: An Entrepreneur’s Journey Toward Authentic Joy by Doug Kisgen


Rethink Happy: An Entrepreneur’s Journey Toward Authentic Joy by Doug Kisgen is a book about soul searching. Cleveland is an entrepreneur with his priorities in the wrong place. Before he meets Camino, a man who serves as a life coach, he is spending too much time at work; he is going to the bar way too late, and he is absent from his home. Cleveland rationalizes these choices by explaining that it is hard to be a man in his position. He explains his need to blow off steam, and he outwardly wonders why his family resents him, when he is the reason they have everything they need.

happinessIn the beginning of the novel, Cleve runs into Camino. Cleveland notices that he is pretty pushy, but agrees to a meeting with him. Once he does meet with Camino, he starts to work on his life choices. Cleveland is told to go home earlier from work, skip the bar, help his wife without her asking, and take part in his kids’ lives. He notices as he does this that each small action enhances his life a bit more. For some reason, these small changes are difficult for Cleve, who is known for living life the way he wants, and ignoring everyone else. By focusing on what really matters, he becomes a better boss, husband, father, and Christian.

Although Cleveland is not perfect, the changes that Camino helps him put in place make him realize that he has been living all wrong. Trusting in God, praying, and considering his actions are all changes that start to positively impact his life.

Readers who need some spiritual guidance or are suffering in their current course of action, may like this book. As I was reading, I was hoping to find out who Camino really was and how he would continue to impact Cleve’s life, but I think that the the author wants us to keep questioning. This book works to help us all evaluate what really matters in life, and those things certainly aren’t money, cars, and material items.

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