Helping Parents Handle (and Understand) Day Light Saving Time by Kelly

2012-04-26 013Parents and working adults often dread Daylight Savings Time (DST) because it has the power to throw off everyone’s schedule for days, if not weeks. How can one measly hour make such a difference? I never relish springing the clocks forward, but this year I decided to tackle Daylight Savings Time with a vengeance! Through a bit of prep and research, I discovered that DST is important and in the long run better for us all.

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2012-03-18 004My piece discusses ways to handle and better anticipate the Daylight Saving’s grind. It also takes a “glass half full” approach to DST because research shows it really does keep us more active, more energized, and probably happier in the long run. (As long as we can get through those first few dark mornings and rough bed time patches!)

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