Summer Mom Things and More

Happy Summer Solstice to our readers! Summer is here and I could not be happier. I love the warmer weather, longer days, and getting extra hours to enjoy time with friends and family. My “summer mom thing” has not changed much since last year. I am trying not to overload my kiddos with camps and activities, while also keeping the must needed balance of never hearing them utter the words ‘I am bored”.

DSC_0085Another agenda I have added to my resume of “summer mom things” is taking some time to hold my brand new baby en lieu of running errands, doing housework, and even at times writing. I look forward to sharing more posts regarding baby adventures at our house, especially now that we have someone in diapers living among us again.

Be sure to click here to read about my summer mom thing and leave a comment about your goals for the summer.

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