It’s Time for Bed With Ford and Red by Jacqueline Leigh–A Book Review

It’s Time for Bed with Ford and Red written by Jacqueline Leigh and illustrated by McKenzie Fink is a story for any imaginative child. Ford and his stuffed animal, Red, settle down, anxious to sleep because they know that the fun has just begun. The readers follow the duo in adventure on many different dream journeys. Ford and Red are cowboys, deep sea divers, high flyers, and safari explorers. Each time the travelers change scenes, they bring a little bit of each adventure back with them. By the end, they invite a very large guest to join them. This one comes with some tusks and a trunk.

The illustrations work wonderfully in concert with the story. They are light and happy, and my daughter was always excited to see what was next. The rhythm and rhyme add to the charm of this adventurous tale, and each journey ends with the line, “Just close your eyes, I bet it’s extreme.” My daughter loved to read this line to me because she knew it was coming, and it made her feel like an important part of reading at bedtime.

It’s Time for Bed with Ford and Red will dazzle your pre-schoolers into a happy night’s sleep. If your children are like mine, they dread going to bed unless a book is promised. By reading about Ford and Red, my daughter got excited to sleep and have similar dreams as these two characters. She chose the perfect stuffed animal for bedtime and kicked back to hear about their adventures. We have already repeated this book three times in my daughter’s night time routine. This story would be a great addition to any pre-schooler’s library. Click here to buy signed and dedicated books for your little ones. You can see more from this author by going to her website here. Happy reading! 

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