Top Four Reasons We’re Excited for Fall

As a teacher, one of my favorite things is summer. Spending quality time with my kids, swimming, baseball, grilling, fireworks work together to make summers a blast. However, I would be lying if I said I didn’t love Fall. I know, I know, I go back to work, the kids go back to school, and it can be a pre-winter, but really, Fall is fabulous.

1-Football: I used to despise this sport. It was always on my TV growing up; it was the only sport that could turn 2 minutes on the clock into 10 minutes, and I really didn’t understand it. And then I gave birth to two football players and started craving the long Sundays spent on the sidelines cheering on my guys. I love the strategy, the intensity, the camaraderie, and well, the food. Tailgates with crock-pots full of BBQ meats and nachos loaded with cheese. There is just nothing like football season.

2- Open Windows: My husband and I like a cool house. Our boys run warm, and the air conditioning is a luxury we utilize on summer nights. However, when I was growing up, my family lived in a ranch-style house, allowing for us to enjoy most days with the windows open letting the breeze do its work, so I look forward to the cool nights of Fall. The Nebraska fall breeze is incredible. Opening up a stuffy house that’s been closed all summer really refreshes my family.

3- Routine: Summers for teachers are sacred, but I love me a good schedule. I take better care of myself mentally and physically when I have a strong routine in place. In the summer, I accidentally fall asleep to Netflix and wake up too late to soak up the early morning silence. I am less stressed for sure, but getting back into a routine feels good. Although I don’t really enjoy the 5 o’clock wake up call, I do take advantage of the only quiet awake time I have before the chaos begins. My children are more disciplined, and they adapt well to waking up early and working hard all day.

4- Scarves, Leggings, Boots, Oh My: Trading swimsuits for more coverage is not a bad deal. I love scarves, leggings, boots, and all Autumn clothing. I enjoy the fact that I can still rock some flip flops while getting cozy in a sweatshirt and jeans. Fall is a nice in between season that takes away the harshness of winter and summer. My daughter loves fashion at six years old already, so we have so much fun putting outfits together with her accessories. My boys can still wear shorts and t shirts to school. Life is good.

Fall might just be my favorite season of all. It’s got a kind of gentleness about it that allows for my family to enjoy our favorite things outdoors. It also brings an element of routine to our crazy lives. On this last weekend of summer, I am ready to welcome touchdown passes, routine daytime activities, and all the scarves and lattes I can get.

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