What’s On Your Bucket List?

I enjoy a good goal every now and then, but in my life, I use them for my profession and weight. Recently, I have made bucket lists for me personally and for things I’d like for my children. As I enter my “late thirties” I realize time is fleeting, and I want to make the most of it. We have been trying to get our kids more experiences in this world, so that they can have some fun in life. Here are some of the important things we want as a family.

Bucket List for Kids

Airplane Ride

I want to get my children on an airplane. This has been on my list for them for quite some time. I really never flew anywhere until I was 23 and then not often after that. My first trip on an airplane was with a friend who was a veteran flier, which made things fun. There are so many things going on during a flight that I want to introduce my kids to them all. I like flying more and more as I take more trips, but if my kids get on a plane when they are young and fearless, they may have a healthier view of air travel. We are actually taking our kids on airplanes for Christmas. I can’t wait to see their excited faces as we take off into the clouds.

High Level Competition or Broadway Play

Amelia with a UNL volleyball player.

I would love to get my kids in the seats at a NFL game, a Division 1 volleyball game, or a play on Broadway. There is nothing like seeing people perform at a high level. It is the ultimate entertainment, and it can be motivating. Seeing people follow their dreams and excel is always fun. We love attending my high school’s sporting events; each one seems to ignite my kids’ imagination and belief that they can one day compete with the best in the city. I also want my children to experience a Broadway play. I went when I was in high school, and it’s one of my favorite experiences. 


I need to get my kids giving back to their community. I want them to experience a soup kitchen, a clothing drive, a beautification project. If they are giving instead of taking from their community, they can appreciate much of the hard work it takes to make our society better. Our family has given to those hungry during Thanksgiving. We’ve given during Christmas as well, but I really want us to give back via our time and our hands. Giving to others is good for all of us, and we just haven’t done enough of this.


Bottom line, I want to help my kids find what makes them truly happy. I want to give them opportunities to try things that make them feel like they have purpose. My boys are enjoying sports right now, and I am coming to terms with my daughter having no interest in them. I want to explore other options for these kids so that they can keep seeing the world as an exciting and new place. All three of them speak of their goals, and I am excited for them to see that even what they do now can help them achieve the goals they have set.

Introducing a bucket list to my children can help keep us active, entertained, and in the end happy with our journey.

Bucket List for Me

Rock Climbing Gym

It’s no secret that I’m closer to age 40 than 30, so I’m not trying to learn how to climb an actual mountain, but I would love to try a rock climbing gym. I’m not a fan of resistance training, but if I can mask it in a fun activity, I’m all for it. There are multiple gyms in my city that I can try. I’ve just got to make the time. We recently took a trip to a trampoline park that had a rock climbing wall. While I was able to climb two of the walls, I’d love to be able to try more. What a fun way to challenge my late thirties self.

Yoga Membership

Okay, I can’t help but make this a little about vanity. Have you seen yogis? They are gorgeously calm and ripped at the same time. I would love to age like this. Yoga studios are where it’s at. This type of workout is similar to rock climbing. It’s resistance masked in fun. Since my kids are so busy, finding a time for yoga is challenging. There are great YouTube videos and Amazon videos, but there is nothing like a knowledgeable instructor taking his or her yogis to the next level. I cannot wait to fulfill this form of self care.



Audition for a Play

I was in one One-Act my senior year of high school. That landed me the title of One Act director in my first teaching job in my small town. Since then, I have wanted to try to get back on stage, even for a tiny bit. That one taste of “show night” and “tech week” when I was a senior was enough to get me craving another chance. I plan to audition at a local theater in my town sooner rather than later. What fun it could be being a different person just for one night.

Play an Instrument

My husband is teaching himself guitar at night from YouTube. I am so jealous. If I could stay up late like I used to, I’d try that as well. I have a keyboard in my basement that would require less hand-eye coordination than guitar. I want to get back into music. It’s good for my brain, and it would be fulfilling to be able to play even the shortest song for my kids. 

Write a Book

This is a dream I have had for so long. If I could focus and dedicate some time to this novel I’ve had brewing for three years, I would feel incredible. I’ve got to stick with it until the end. I have loved reading for so long, and I would be delighted to provide an escape for readers as well. This novel will happen as soon as I make myself stick to a time line and complete it.

This list may be small and focused, but I want to keep adding to it as I accomplish each goal. I like my goals attainable, and I really feel strongly about each on this list. What items are on your bucket lists for you or your kids? Let us know!


2 thoughts on “What’s On Your Bucket List?

  • October 16, 2017 at 12:37 pm

    Are bucket list has been to see all the MLB baseball parks, down to 4 cities and 6 parks. It has been a great way to see a number of cities in the USA, top of our list so far has been Boston (we are Sawks fans), San Fran, Seattle, and Pittsburg…we highly recommend Pittsburg it was a fun/clean city that was easy to get around in. Next up to golf in all 50 states and visit all of the Nt’l parks. R&J Uhl.

    • October 17, 2017 at 2:28 am

      These sound like bucket lists I can get behind! My husband would love to golf in all 50 states. Great ideas!


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