Halloween Memories by Kelly

My Top Five Halloween Memories

  1. I dressed up as Vanna White, from Wheel of Fortune, in fourth grade for Halloween and had the best night. I looked glamorous and had fun going door to door with my friend in town. She was also dressed fancy. We got our gowns from an older neighbor who was selling off a lot of stuff in an estate auction. It was the complete essence of “the good old days”!
  2. Fourth grade was a really good year Halloween-wise. My other great memory from that night was my dad dressing up like Rambo and hiding in the dark to scare trick-or-treaters as they came to our door. Rumor has it that he even climbed up in a tree at one point and then jumped down to the ground, ambush style. He really got into character that year.
  3. Another Halloween my mom made our front entry-way a haunted house spectacular. Kids would have to reach into a covered box to grab a treat. The box had three bowls in it. The first bowl had cold pasta noodles (to feel like grimy guts), the second bowl had peeled grapes (to give off that fresh eyeball type atmosphere), and the third bowl had candy. Creepy + Creative = GOOD TIMES!
  4. During my college years, my friends and I dressed up like “naughty nurses”. We did this more than once, and one year we did it twice in the same week because Halloween in college can last for days and days. I know it is a big cliche for women to add sexy to a costume, but I still loved it. My roommates and I had a blast finding costumes and props at the local Salvation Army. We also wore too much make-up and had really big hair. (*Thank goodness there was no social media and our cellphones did not have cameras yet!)
  5. My husband loves Halloween and he has had some great outfits over the years. He has been a pirate, a pregnant lady, Elvis, a 2013 bearded Red Sox baseball player (this was a great and timely costume because they won the World Series that year and Halloween was during the playoffs), a clown, Bob Ross the painter, etc. etc. etc.

All of these memories are great, but none compare to watching my kids get excited for Halloween. I love seeing their anticipation and glee. The build-up to October 31st is just as good as the actual trick-or-treating!

Stay safe and let us know what you will be wearing for Halloween this year!

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