Happy Halloween: Tessa’s Top Five

I love Halloween for many reasons, but here are my top five:

  1. Our neighborhood does Halloween right. One of my favorite friends throws a major party full of games for the kids. We all dress up and get to be silly for an evening that usually falls within 2-3 days of actual Halloween night. This gives the kids another night to wear their costumes, so they really get excited.
  2. Carving pumpkins falls under my husband’s responsibility. I dislike the whole process, and at some point when we were unconsciously dividing responsibilities as parents, this one fell under my husband’s list. I really enjoy Jack-o-Lanterns, so having carved pumpkins that I had nothing to do with makes me happy.
  3. My kids love this night so much. Even when my boys moved from cute to scary, they were still the sweetest on Halloween night. My daughter scream talks from excitement and my boys giggle and smile like they’re toddlers again. I enjoy how happy this night makes them.
  4. I really appreciate how much distance we cover. Our neighborhood is small, but it’s pretty close to a very big subdivision with little to no traffic. We prefer our neighboring sidewalks because it feels safer, so we make the trek. On Halloween night, we put in some miles, and as a multi-tasker, I can’t help but appreciate the health side of things.
  5. We are together. When our kids were little, many Halloween nights meant my husband and I were separated by work or college commitments. Now that the degrees have been earned, we are all together on Halloween night. Our neighbors partner up and we go for a giant walk with some of our best friends. I love this night because we can be outdoors comfortably for one of the last times until March.

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