Tales of a Mom and the Forgotten Diaper Bag

Click here to check out my recently published piece on MockMom.

I love writing for MockMom, because it is a chance to be sarcastic, satirical, and funny all in one written piece. My latest work of fiction for them is a pretend news article with a busy mom and her forgotten diaper bag at the center of the story.

During the baby and toddler years, forgetting the diaper bag feels the same as misplacing the keys or losing a cell phone. I heard a national news segment years ago that still irritates me about this very subject. The parenting expert explained how mothers need to be more like dads or grandparents, and worry less about taking a fully stocked diaper bag with them everywhere. I think the expert on the segment even said no diaper bag equals happier kids. What? A handful of cheerios and the car keys is not going to get the job done at a two-hour park play date. Am I right?

I still cringe when I think about the times I forgot my diaper bag and had nothing within my reach to sooth a crying preschooler, feed a baby, or change a messy toddler. Hopefully this piece will make people laugh, and only cringe during the moments of hysterical giggles. Click this link: LOCAL MOM FORGETS DIAPER BAG, SURVIVES TO TELL THE TALE, and please share it with a friend who has forgotten the diaper bag a time or two.

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