Happy Half-Year Anniversary to Us!

six-1426638_960_720It is extremely hard to believe Family Footnote is celebrating six months of blogging and readership! (Well, technically seven months if you go by the very first introduction post by Tessa. We have been so busy working, writing, and mothering that Tessa and I kind of fell behind on the whole congratulating ourselves regarding this half-year achievement.)

Thank you to all of our readers for your support and time  whether it was reading the blog articles or liking our Facebook page. Tessa and I try hard to give a strong voice to the fun mishaps that occur in parenthood, while also tackling tougher topics that can be informative and sometimes even eye-opening.

female typing 768690_960_720I love all of our blog topics pretty much equally (Isn’t that what every good mom says out loud when asked this question?) However, if I had to pick some favorites they would be: Wanting Something More, Saying No, and my coffee cup chat regarding nut allergies. (Oh, but I also enjoyed writing my Mother’s Day post, so see I really do love all of my articles on Family Footnote in a fair and balanced way…just an FYI in case any “middle children” blog posts are keeping track!) Tessa is also constantly telling me how much she likes my Stranger Danger article, which I am glad we wrote about despite being a heavier topic.

I am thankful everyday that Tessa approached me about this endeavor. It was frightening at first and is still scary, but it is also enjoyable and a great outlet.

summerameliaTessa’s balance between being a mom, a writer, and a full-time English teacher astounds me often. I don’t know where she finds the time, but I am glad she does because her posts about “Children of Soldiers”, “What Teachers Want From Parents“, and “What’s Your Summer Mom Thing?” are some of my favorites by her. Tessa and I actually got to have a 30+ minute phone conversation today and I made her narrow down a few of her posts that have made her proud, and she said she is fond of them all, but has soft spots for her first ever Family Footnote article “What’s Your Mom Thing” and also her recent writing of “Feed Your Fire“.

tess and kel at scotts weddingFamily Footnote has also lead to more opportunities and for that we are extremely grateful. Tessa had a short story, The Hunger, published in the 2016 edition of The Route 7 Review. It is a much different read than her blog articles, and a great piece of fiction that showcases some powerful writing skills. (If I didn’t love Tessa so much, I would probably be insanely jealous of her writing range!) I also had my first satirical piece of writing, titled Dear Preschool Parent, picked up by MockMom this past May. It was pretty cool to hear my 8-year-old reschool start 5ad out loud my story involving a fake letter from a pretend preschool teacher to the parents of newly enrolled little ones. I can still hear my daughters giggling about my son’s infamous saying of “booby shirt” making a debut on the world wide web.

So…I completely get that this post read like a mid-season anniversary episode of the television show “Friends”; the ones where the characters are all sitting in the coffee shop and reminiscing about past memories (aka: old episodes). I understand the concept now, because it is nice to look back and reflect on what we have put out there on Family Footnote. It gets me excited for what is in store for the next six months and then the months (and maybe even years) after that!

FootprintsThanks again for reading and being a part of Family Footnote.

Feel free to leave a comment regarding your favorite blog post or if you have an idea for an upcoming topic, please send emails to: kelly@familyfootnote.com or tessa@familyfootnote.com.

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    Looking forward to future blogs!


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