Unique Gift Ideas That Won’t Disappoint

I love Christmas time for so many reasons, and being creative makes the gifts that much more fun to give. Kelly mentioned some great ideas earlier, and I’ve got some that will not fail you.

Rockstar Spirit Designsuniquerockstarbanner

One of my friends has a business making jewelry from re-purposed materials, and they are everything you never knew you wanted. Her company, Rockstar Spirit Designs, is one of my favorite small businesses. The jewelry is gorgeous with a touch of bad-assery, and there are many options from which to choose. uniquekidsnamesHolly Bahr makes bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories made to order, but her own personal designs are gorgeous. uniquestrongerIf you want them personalized or if you want a saying or a name engraved on them, she’s your girl. Anything from motivational quotes to song lyrics to children’s names are available, and she ships them fast. Holly uses Paypal which makes the payment process a breeze. Each piece is a little bit of rebellion in a gorgeous package. Last year I purchased bracelets for my friends with quotes engraved on them. Contact her here, and order something one-of-a-kind for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Teacher Gifts

We love our kids’ teachers so much, and we want to show that love during this season. Throughout the years, I have tried to stick to coffee and presents that they wouldn’t mind having in their houses. For my middle kiddo’s teachers, I would like to get them alcohol, but it’s hard to wrap that safely enough to smuggle into an elementary school. One day while I was Pinterest-researching, I came across the cutest idea. I purchased each teacher plus our daycare provider measuring cups. unique-measureWho doesn’t need measuring cups in the kitchen? I found the cutest ones at The Afternoon store. The note that went along with these gifts said, “Wishing you joy beyond ‘measure.’” That was just “punny” enough for us. If you know me, I’m a sucker for puns. Here are fifteen additional punny teacher gift ideas. If this isn’t up your alley, but you want to get a meaningful teacher gift, coffee never ever fails. A gift card to Scooters or Starbucks is a sure win.

Get Your Kids, Nieces, or Nephews an Experience

One of my best friends got my daughter an awesome birthday present. She gave her a card saying, “This card is good for one lunch and movie date with us.” Instead of a toy or a puzzle (which we love as well), my friend gave her time to a fun event that my daughter still mentions. She loved her special time with her friends. I think this is a great idea for families who live in a cold place that has trampoline parks, indoor swimming pools, indoor theme parks, and ice or roller skating rinks. unique-skatingI don’t think this is a bad idea for spouses either. The memories made sometimes last longer than the toys, and everyone has a good time.

Cookbooks and Recipe Cards

uniquesarahrightMost of my list is about presents that I love to give, but one that I always love to receive is a cookbook or handwritten recipe cards. My grandmother has given me a new cookbook almost every year, and I just love them. I’ve mentioned some cookbooks before, but some of my favorites include: Nebraska Kitchens Cookbook, Betty Crocker’s Cookbook, What a Good Eater!, and Deceptively Delicious. Cookbooks are inexpensive, and like jewelry, they are the gift that keeps on giving. My grandma has given me actual books but she has also hand written family favorite recipes into books and on cards of her own. In addition, sometimes my best friend gives me recipes on old school recipe cards with her handwriting. uniquerecipeI love these and I have a box from the good ol’ 4-H days where I collect them. I am an Internet recipe fan for sure, but there is something so special about having it in print and in a loved one’s handwriting. Nothing brings us together like food, and this can be a special gift for many years after for friends and family.

Picture Frames

Finally, if you have people in your family that have everything, go straight for the heart. Kelly mentioned photo calendars, but I also like to make my own picture framed goodness. I go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby, find the perfect frame that has room for four or five pictures, and I put some really special shots in each one. One year, I asked my kids what is one thing they loved about their grandma. They held their messages in their hands, and I took a picture of them like that. uniqueameliaMy family loves these frames, and they are one-of-a-kind. Consider collecting your special memories into a multiple picture frame. I guarantee your family will love it.

There you have it! These are my recommendations for a unique holiday experience. They take some thought, but the products are excellent and heartfelt. Please share your favorite unique gifts with us on our Twitter, Facebook, or Family Footnote’s webpage. And have a happy holiday season with your loved ones.

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