Noah’s Wife by T.K. Thorne–A Review

noahNoah’s Wife by T.K. Thorne is one of the best books I have read in 2017, but it is not for the weak. It is a historical fiction novel set long ago when the Black Sea was a fresh water lake. Na’amah is a beautiful woman suffering from a form of autism that has others questioning whether or not her brain is working at full capacity. The author uses gorgeous language to describe how Na’amah experiences the world: “The rainbow of colors that the sounds made in my mind distracted me.” Na’amah struggles with the guilt of having killed her mother during her birth, which her brother Tubal never lets her forget. Na’amah and Tubal are raised by their grandmother and their father, until a flood rips through their village leaving them without a father.

Before his death, her father had promised Na’amah to a boat builder named Noah. At a very young age, she meets Noah at a market. Noah is much older but is intrigued by Na’amah’s honesty. He asks her father for her hand, and reserves her for when she is ready to be wed. Na’amah isn’t sure about this at first, but grows to love Noah through the years even though she is still in love with her childhood friend and shepherding partner, Yanner.  As a bridal promise to Na’amah, Noah builds her a boat house and continues to add to it throughout the novel.

Savta, Na’amah’s grandmother had always told her that she was special, but she was never specific when explaining how special, until Na’amah became a woman.On the very same night of her first blood, she is forced to kill a tiger to save her flock of sheep, earning her the title of “Tiger Lady” further into the novel. As the story progresses, Na’amah finds happiness in the hills with the stars and the sheep, until one night a drunk and jealous Yanner finds her and demands her hand in marriage. She explains that she is already promised to Noah, only to suffer an attack in Yanner’s name. The most punishing of attackers is her brother, Tubal. noahsAfterwards, Na’amah takes off for safety, hoping to avoid the angry vengeance of her brother and Yanner. On her journey, she is stolen by men working for the king. Na’amah is enslaved with three other women. She works to find an escape for all of them, but her escape plan changes as she becomes more aware of what makes her so special.

Readers who enjoy historical fiction and spiritual musings will love this book. Thorne is a brilliant writer with noteworthy passages such as, “Time has no dominion over our true selves.” Noah’s wife is magical, dramatic, painful, and adventurous. It’s as disturbing as it is intriguing. You will be so glad you picked up Thorne’s novel, and you will be craving more books like this one.

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