Mother Cleans Out Minivan & Lives to Tell the Tale By: Kelly

“We can’t have nice things.”

2014-08-04 1199This statement is echoed constantly throughout our household by me, my husband, and even my middle daughter. We are definitely in that stage of life where clothes get ruined, floors are¬†scratched, and vehicles become a messy capsule of wrappers, loose papers, and all things sticky. This mindset led me to write a funny story about a mother that goes beyond the call of duty and ventures into the back of her family’s minivan in order to clean it.

Thanks to MockMom for publishing my original piece, and while it is sarcastic and fictional…there is also a lot of truth in it. The amount of mess that can be accumulated while driving and carpooling kids amazes me (and also freaks me out quite a bit), and my own minivan mishaps helped inspire this story.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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